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JSG Monthly Safety Topic for October: Bending/Lifting

by Administrator2. October 2018 09:52

Here at JSG, safety is FIRST and FOREMOST out on the production floor. Each month a different safety topic is implemented and discussed with ALL team members. For the month of October, Bending/Lifting is the key focal point of discussion. Tom Kadar, Manufacturing Manager, shares his input and requirements: 

"Bend your knees, Lift with ease" is a common phrase used in manufacturing or any lifting type atmosphere.  Most common back failures are caused by these common mistakes:

  • Only lift weight that you can handle before attempting to lift something. Judge if you will be straining to lift it.
  • Use mechanical means whenever possible (i.e. Forklift, Pallet Jack, Chain Hoist, Dolly or Cart)
  • Buddy lifting; do not lift your friend but call on a co-worker to assist you. Don’t be a hero.
  • Use mechanical leverage to maneuver things: Bar, Chain, Lifting clamp to allow yourself to not lift from ground level if possible.
  • As the phrase above says, bend your knees and lift with ease.  Use your hips and not your back strength.
  • Lift with the weight as close to your body as possible to lessen strain on your lower back. Doing this lessens the leverage needed to lift the weight and the stabilization muscles used.
  • Keep your chest forward when lifting arching your back.  Doing this allows your back to use its muscled to maintain posture and not to lift the load being lifted.
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