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Introducing the Cubix Vessel: Already a Huge Success!

by JSG13. June 2014 11:03

At JSG, we’re always committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers—products that so many have come to know and count on for years. We also get incredibly excited about launching new products, as we are focused on evolving and meeting ever-changing needs and desires.

Therefore, we’re thrilled to officially launch the striking, modern, and beautiful Cubix Vessel sink. Even more, we’re so excited about the overwhelming response we’re getting to the product, a response that included high praise and interest from showrooms to customers around the continent, and the addition of the Cubix Vessel to Lowes Canada.

Customers can expect to see the product, along with an additional four colors through the special order program, in all Lowes Canada stores in the Fall of 2014. For us, the interest in the product is a tremendous success; even with the launch occurring toward the end of the year, we are projecting that Cubix sales will increase our overall product sales by a whopping 50%.

So what makes this latest product so special? Both contemporary and unique, the Cubix features a 3-dimensional texture pattern that adds a fun, bold, highly design-driven element to any bathroom. It is scratch-, stain-, and thermal shock-resistant, making it as durable as it is beautiful. As such a unique and artistically-inspired vessel, the Cubix makes the sink the centerpiece of the room.

We’re so pleased that Lowes Canada has chosen to make this product available to their customers. However, this isn’t the first time one of our products has been chosen by Lowes Canada. In fact, we’ve been working with them for over two years, in which time we’ve developed a great relationship and have proven to be a great fit for their customer base. After receiving such a great response to the current black nickel pebble undermount they’ve been selling, they wanted to add a new, unique product to their vessel offerings, and the Cubix proved to be the perfect choice. Its modern design elements are exactly what Lowes Canada and their consumers are looking for.

We can’t wait to see the product in stores this fall, and we know the success will be overwhelming. If you’d like a sneak peak, and want to learn more about the product, check it out on our website

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