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Industry has been Showing Up

by JSG11. July 2013 09:18

Lights, camera, action…it has certainly felt like that for us here at Jeannette Specialty Glass recently, as we have been attending a few industry trade shows this spring. It’s always intriguing for us not only to showcase our products, but to see what our colleagues are working on, as well as learn about any new and emerging technologies that will certainly impact the industry.

Back in April, we attended the LightFair in Philadelphia, where new plasma companies were attending and exhibiting. At the show, we learned of a new lighting invention that is sure to become the industry’s newest and biggest trend. As plasma lighting is brighter than any other lighting source and is more energy efficient than even LED, it certainly looks as if plasma will become the “it” lighting source—especially as it is becoming more cost-effective. Why are we excited about this prospect? With the way energy is pushed through the lighting source, the plasma gives off more heat. If the wave of the lighting future, plasma will adapt well to our glass lighting options since our glass can withstand heat and thermal shock! Not only is the prospect of plasma lighting eliciting excitement through the industry, but so is the act of re-shoring—at the show, we were all able to see how much business is coming back to the States!

Later on, we attended the Kitchen & Bath Show that took place in New Orleans. While we took a year off in exhibiting this year, since we are busy working on a new product design development, we were excited to see the newest and latest in kitchen and bath designs. We even learned that there has been a 10% increase for home sales and the home improvement industry increasing, with a 20% increase for the kitchen and bath sector! There is even more of a buzz for next year’s show—as an industry first, the kitchen and bath industries (including showroom and retail outlets) will be exhibiting aside the home building industry (contractors and builders). We are looking forward to that event!

With these trends and tidbits we uncovered at our spring trade shows, we are certainly looking forward to the future of the industry and what else is in store!

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