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Made in the USA 
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Did you know that Jeannette Specialty Glass has been producing glass for OVER 100 years?!

by Administrator6. February 2018 14:19

Yep! Jeannette Specialty Glass is celebrating 40+ years in business with existing ownership. JSG has been producing for over 100 years at the current facility and specializes in the manufacturing of crystal-clear borosilicate glass for the industrial, commercial and residential industries.

Jeannette, PA has been termed the “Glass City” as once a flourishing city with 7 different glass manufacturing facilities.  Today JSG is the last producing manufacturer in this great town. With the onset of industrial lighting production being transferred overseas, JSG was forced to evolve and diversify with new product categories. 

JSG is comprised of three divisions of borosilicate glass products: JSG Industrial Division (lenses, refractors, and explosion-proof globes), JSG Private Label (pedicure basins,bakeware and custom projects) and JSG Oceana Kitchen and Bath (glass bathroom sinks, glass kitchen/bar sinks, glass tile, bathroom furniture and drain accessories). JSG products not only hold a local presence, but internationally as well. With future expansion into the South American and European markets.

JSG’s USA-made “Hard Roc” borosilicate glass formulation is scratch, stain, chemical and heat-resistant and is unmatched for its quality and durability. It is the preferred glass source for high-explosion prone areas, commercial and residential application for sinks, laboratory testing and food-safe application, as well as weather-resistant for outdoor projects.




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