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Made in the USA 
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Celebrating Our Community and Our Country

by JSG20. September 2013 11:36

When you’re an American manufacturer who’s truly proud of your industry, and grateful to your customers, sometimes the best thing you can do is get out there, interact, and bring your attention back to your home town.

As an example of this, we are truly excited to be attending the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival this September 27th-29th. While this will be our first year attending, the festival is an annual celebration of our area’s glass making tradition and ethnic diversity, and serves as a true showcase for a great American industry.

As luck would have it, the festival takes place right before Manufacturing Day, which is being held on October 4th—a celebration of American manufacturing and an opportunity for the nation’s manufacturers to showcase what they do and educate the public on both the industry as a whole and their individual roles within it. As proud American manufacturers in the glass industry, we will be combining the two celebrations, and we can’t wait to do so!

While we work with companies throughout the country, this will give us an opportunity to bring it back locally while giving people a true idea of what we do. We’ll simultaneously have the opportunity to support community involvement, while creating awareness of the value of American manufacturing. We recognize that customers are returning their business from overseas, and we want to show our appreciation for this—as well as our appreciation for our community and the wonderful people who are part of it.

We can’t wait to celebrate our industry, our community, our customers, and our country through these two great events—and we can’t wait to make new friends. We look forward to seeing you then!

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