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New is the Trend for the Kitchen and Bath Show

by JSG30. January 2014 13:20

When two industry shows attract similar industry leaders and showcase the leading technologies in their fields, why not combine the two for a larger attendance number and stronger collaboration? That is exactly what is happening in February, as the Kitchen and Bath Show is merging with the International Builders’ Show. All of us here at Jeannette Specialty Glass are excited and looking forward to this show!

Since the showrooms will bring dealers, contractors, and remodelers all into one location, it is a perfect opportunity for us to showcase some of our newest industry products. We will be exhibiting at our largest booth ever (#N327!) and we have been diligently working on bringing new, innovative display designs to the booth. As “new” seems to be the trend for this show, we will be introducing some new products!

New square vessel sink: This 16 inch x 16 inch sink fits on top of the countertop and is available in a new, square design and fresh new pattern. As we have been receiving many requests for this type of design, we decided it was time to listen to our customers and give them what they want! The sink will debut a new pattern and be available in six colorations.

Ascetic vanities: In addition to our new sink, we will also be bringing along two new vanity designs. Available as either a free-standing or wall-mount model, the vanities have a modern, clean design. They meet the California Regulation Compliant guidelines and include a factory-sealed granite top and backsplash.

We are all looking forward to experiencing the new show and to meet with everyone in one place. We believe it will be an exciting opportunity for everyone in the industry and we can’t wait to show off our newest “Hard Roc” borosilicate glass sink and vanities. Hope to see you there!


Brighten your Holidays with our Holiday-Inspired Glass Items

by JSG6. December 2013 12:07

‘Tis the season…for new holiday-inspired glass items! What better time for our team to introduce new holiday-inspired glass products than the beginning of the holiday season? This year, we are excited to introduce holiday plates and ornaments.

With our glass holiday plates, you can bring some holiday cheer and class to your table settings. We are offering six new holiday plate designs, including candle, Santa, tree, Season’s Greetings, and polar bear designs. As “Hard-Roc” borosilicate glass is our forte, we have used this material for these plates, ensuring they are also scratch, stain, thermal shock (heat), and chemical resistant. Available in crystal clear colorations and 13.5 inch sizes, these plates are perfect for your holiday appetizers, or even as a gift for your close friends!

Looking for even more holiday fun? Then we encourage you to consider our new holiday ornaments! We are providing them in sets of four, available in either a whimsical snowflake design or a holiday-theme design. Choose from crystal or crystal reflections with these uniquely-made holiday ornaments.  

This year, we decided to get into the holiday spirit and do something that was out of the box and geared towards the holiday consumer. Get into the holiday season with us and with our glass holiday plates and ornaments! 

Home Construction and Remodeling is Reaching Record Highs

by JSG6. November 2013 11:48

As Americans are becoming more confident in the economy, the latest numbers show that home construction and remodeling are on the rise—good news, indeed, for the residential construction sector. Families are finally seeing more money in their pockets, and baby boomers who are retiring now have the time and money to invest in their homes.

We’ve been seeing this increase all through September and October. In fact, according to a recent article in the New York Times, “building permits for construction [in August] hit a five-year high, pointing to resilience in the housing market recovery.”

The article also goes on to say that “confidence among builders of single-family houses remained near an eight-year high in September, with builders upbeat about prospective buyer traffic.” In fact, for each single-family home that’s built, “three jobs that last for a year are created.” It’s a win/win.

Personally, we are seeing this significantly. Our business was about 24% ahead in September, and through the end of August, we saw a 13% increase in the kitchen and bath business. We’ve experienced an increase in sales—proof, for us, that rebuilding and remodeling are increasing.

One of the specific trends we are seeing is that many people are doing small remodels—one room at a time—which is more cost effective, yet still a great way to add aesthetic and economic value to their homes. We are now also seeing another trend: Americans are getting ready for the holiday season, and are preparing for remodels before the holidays arrive. Even more specifically, kitchen and bath trends include undermount sinks and the use of tile.

Coinciding with the increasing construction is a trend in kitchen, bath, and appliance showrooms; many are offering SPIFF programs, sales incentives for showroom associates that simultaneously drive sales while offering better deals for homeowners.

With the economy rising, incentive programs abounding, and the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been dreaming of.

P.S.: We can’t wait to see what this will mean for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in February!



Celebrating Our Community and Our Country

by JSG20. September 2013 11:36

When you’re an American manufacturer who’s truly proud of your industry, and grateful to your customers, sometimes the best thing you can do is get out there, interact, and bring your attention back to your home town.

As an example of this, we are truly excited to be attending the Mount Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival this September 27th-29th. While this will be our first year attending, the festival is an annual celebration of our area’s glass making tradition and ethnic diversity, and serves as a true showcase for a great American industry.

As luck would have it, the festival takes place right before Manufacturing Day, which is being held on October 4th—a celebration of American manufacturing and an opportunity for the nation’s manufacturers to showcase what they do and educate the public on both the industry as a whole and their individual roles within it. As proud American manufacturers in the glass industry, we will be combining the two celebrations, and we can’t wait to do so!

While we work with companies throughout the country, this will give us an opportunity to bring it back locally while giving people a true idea of what we do. We’ll simultaneously have the opportunity to support community involvement, while creating awareness of the value of American manufacturing. We recognize that customers are returning their business from overseas, and we want to show our appreciation for this—as well as our appreciation for our community and the wonderful people who are part of it.

We can’t wait to celebrate our industry, our community, our customers, and our country through these two great events—and we can’t wait to make new friends. We look forward to seeing you then!

Celebrating Being a Part of Made in America

by JSG28. August 2013 18:33

Take a look around you—have you ever wondered what processes, materials, and choices went in to manufacturing a particular product you now own? Or, better yet, where that product was manufactured and if it is indeed “Made in the USA”?

This is precisely the scenario National Manufacturing Day – this year on October 4th—looks to answer with its promotion of manufacturing here in the United States. As businesses are beginning to bring manufacturing back to America and local communities are trying to attract more business in its areas, many manufacturers across the country will be participating in bringing focus back on manufacturing. Some will open their facilities and show off their plants, and others will spread the word and showcase how and why American manufacturing is back and necessary.

As American manufacturers ourselves, we certainly know the benefits of American-made products, including the high quality, short lead times, customer service, and pride. There is an ease to working with other U.S. manufacturers, for not only is it beneficial to the economy, but it allows for easier communication and more open access throughout the production process. Our customers can certainly understand that firsthand; we have developed a new design and development process in order to monitor the needs from a customer or a demand in the industry. Our manufacturers and engineers are able to work directly with the customers to create the best product quality-wise with the best yield on their site. The customers are a part of the production process from the conception of the product all the way to completion. It’s a service we are happy to provide to our customers, and the manufacturing assistance we have received from our community has allowed us to create new products and product design. So, on this Manufacturing Day, it will be no surprise that we’ll be celebrating—we hope you do too!

The Post-Sandy Road to Recovery

by JSG31. July 2013 11:02

When Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast this past fall, it left unimaginable devastation in its wake. Cities and communities were washed out and the effects of it were—to many in its path—a disaster. 

Some of those storm-related statistics, according to this article, are:

  • Businesses in the affected areas lost a combined $25,000,000,000
  • 8,100,000 homes lost power in 17 states
  • Sandy’s diameter measured 820 miles when it touched down in Atlantic City
  • New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island residents were forced to ration gas for 15, 11, and 9 days, respectively

However, out of disasters, help and heroism often emerge. The road to recovery is far from its end, but people are still fervently rebuilding—and helping each other rebuild. Recently, volunteers from as far as Colorado, working for Habitat for Humanity, arrived in Bergen County, NJ, to clean up, repair, and rebuild homes damaged in the storm.

President Obama, when visiting the Jersey Shore on Memorial Day, stated “Now, we all understand there’s still a lot of work to be done…there are homes to rebuild. There are businesses to reopen. But thanks to the hard work of an awful lot of people, we’ve got wonderful shops and restaurants and arcades that are opening their doors.”

We’ve seen it personally at Jeannette Specially Glass. We’ve had a huge amount of customers coming to us in need of large quantities of our Rodeo Drive product line for industrial and commercial outdoor lighting. They are replacing lighting throughout parks, city streets, and recreation areas around the region, following the devastation the storm wrought on their areas’ lighting.

As such, we are grateful that all of these customers from Pennsylvania and surrounding regions are choosing to support local, “Made in the USA” businesses, and we are proud and happy to provide them with the quality products they deserve.

While there’s still much to be done, we know everyone will come out ahead as we all continue to rebuild. 

Industry has been Showing Up

by JSG11. July 2013 09:18

Lights, camera, action…it has certainly felt like that for us here at Jeannette Specialty Glass recently, as we have been attending a few industry trade shows this spring. It’s always intriguing for us not only to showcase our products, but to see what our colleagues are working on, as well as learn about any new and emerging technologies that will certainly impact the industry.

Back in April, we attended the LightFair in Philadelphia, where new plasma companies were attending and exhibiting. At the show, we learned of a new lighting invention that is sure to become the industry’s newest and biggest trend. As plasma lighting is brighter than any other lighting source and is more energy efficient than even LED, it certainly looks as if plasma will become the “it” lighting source—especially as it is becoming more cost-effective. Why are we excited about this prospect? With the way energy is pushed through the lighting source, the plasma gives off more heat. If the wave of the lighting future, plasma will adapt well to our glass lighting options since our glass can withstand heat and thermal shock! Not only is the prospect of plasma lighting eliciting excitement through the industry, but so is the act of re-shoring—at the show, we were all able to see how much business is coming back to the States!

Later on, we attended the Kitchen & Bath Show that took place in New Orleans. While we took a year off in exhibiting this year, since we are busy working on a new product design development, we were excited to see the newest and latest in kitchen and bath designs. We even learned that there has been a 10% increase for home sales and the home improvement industry increasing, with a 20% increase for the kitchen and bath sector! There is even more of a buzz for next year’s show—as an industry first, the kitchen and bath industries (including showroom and retail outlets) will be exhibiting aside the home building industry (contractors and builders). We are looking forward to that event!

With these trends and tidbits we uncovered at our spring trade shows, we are certainly looking forward to the future of the industry and what else is in store!

Behind the Scenes: A Look at our Athena Award Winner

by JSG26. June 2013 09:58

Here's another congratulations to our CEO, Kathleen Sarniak, on her Athena Award achievement! For a closer look at Kathleen's professional life, here is a brief bio we presented:

Kathleen Sarniak has improved the quality of life of others in both her profession and volunteer efforts.  As acting CEO of Jeannette Specialty Glass Kathleen strongly believes in product diversification which has allowed the company to not only survive but grow in these economic times.  This has enabled increased employment concentrated in the local community.  Each employee is looked upon as a family member with respect and compassion working through family situations when needed.  She goes the extra mile to ensure that her employees not only take home a paycheck but goes above and beyond the expectations of a CEO and truly cares about the health and well-being of her employees.  Her executive leadership has trickled down to others within the company to encourage everyone to plan for the future not just today.  Our goal as a company is to continue to grow and to think outside the box so we grow no matter what the economy is experiencing.  Kathleen believes in internal training and promotes from within, encouraging a career mentality.  Jeannette Specialty Glass is a family owned business, one in which Kathleen makes everyone feel a member of.

Kathleen’s community participation is widespread.  Kathleen currently serves on the Westmorland Cultural Trust board of directors and is on the Power Link Advisory Board for Alpine Packaging.  She is a former board member of The Blackburn Center, an agency against domestic and sexual violence, a board member of Seton Hill University Alumni Association and the Farrell Center for Innovation in Business at Seton Hill University.  She is a member of Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), SMC Business Council, and Pittsburgh Tech Council and a previous member of the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way. Kathleen has served as a panelist for E-Magnify on such topics as “How to Build a Million Dollar Business” and “How to Grow Your Business in a Down Trending Economy”.  Kathleen also actively supports Westmoreland Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Ballet and the Westmoreland County Humane Society. She is a member of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral and has volunteered her time and talents with local charities to raise funds and awareness.

Interested in more information about all of the Athena Award winners? See the website and congratulate all of them!


When it Comes to the Manufacturing Industry, Women are Taking Over

by JSG7. June 2013 16:52

If you have read up on the state of manufacturing recently, it would come as no surprise that the growing involvement of women in manufacturing is certainly gaining attention. According to this article, some local companies are seeing an expansion of female workers in industry, and they expect the number to increase in the next few years. As a woman-owned company, we have certainly seen this trend grow, especially in our region, and we are excited to see recognition for these women who are moving up in the ranks of manufacturing and business.

Our own CEO, Kathleen Sarniak, was recently honored as one of the top women in business in the Pittsburgh region, known as Business Women First held by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Being recognized for her leadership and dedication to business in the region, Kathleen has shown great foresight with our company, helping to develop the business and diversify the product line over the years. This is in addition to her being awarded the Athena Award earlier in the year. For Jeannette Specialty Glass, it is great to be a part of a woman-led company that is leading the industry and growing trend of women in manufacturing by example. For other women looking to break into manufacturing and industry, we hope that our success proves to be an advocate for them in learning different trades and expanding in the workforce.

As this article shows, the number of women in industry can still be higher than it currently is—the ratio of men to women in STEM industries is still disproportionate. Although young girls and women are excelling in STEM subjects, they aren’t all necessarily choosing a STEM industry for a career. Knowing firsthand the development and success these women can find in manufacturing, we hope to see the number continue to grow in the near future—and we hope women can take our business as an example and mentor for theirs!


JSG: A Member of the Green Movement

by JSG30. April 2013 16:08

Go green! A popular mantra recently, being “green” or sustainable has become increasingly important throughout industry. As we just passed Earth Day, we are seeing sustainable options stressed more and more. Here at JSG, we want to take part in this movement, ensuring that all of our materials and products meet proper environmentally-friendly standards.

How green is our “Hard Roc” glass? Here’s a quick look at the main earth-friendly points of our business:

  • Recyclable materials: Our borosilicate glass is comprised of recycled materials and is, in turn, recyclable itself. In fact, most of our kitchen and bath sinks, as well as glass tiles, are manufactured from recycled glass.
  • Landfill safe: Since the glass is non-porous, it is hygienic and safe for the environment. Additionally, the colorations and compositions of the glass are not hazardous materials. Therefore, if we produce glass that doesn’t meet our quality standards, we can easily crush it down and recycle it for new products.
  • Lead-free: While other materials are made with chemicals or paints, our glass is clear of these extra hazards, including lead.

A main goal of our company is to ensure our manufacturing is environmentally-safe, not only for our sake, but for our customers who want to remain green as well. It is important to us to meet and exceed various industry standards and manufacture products that are eco-friendly. How will you be celebrating the green movement? 

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