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Made in the USA 
Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer of Lenses, Reflectors, Refractors

JSG and JSG Oceana are a “Roc” Solid Choice for your Glass Needs

by JSG7. August 2012 09:15

It wasn’t so long ago that Western Pennsylvania was abundant with glass manufacturers. But as industrialization slowly diminished from the region, many of these manufacturing facilities grew cracked and shattered, leaving only stories and memories of past glass companies. Only a handful of companies stood up to the test of those times, and out of these, only one is a master of borosilicate glass. That is us, Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana.

Our parent company name, Jeannette Specialty Glass, mirrors our mission and our business: we are glass specialists. Specifically, our focus is on “Hard Roc” glass, our patented borosilicate glass that gives JSG its unique placement in the industry. We have the ability to offer an array of colorations that are guaranteed to remain as beautiful as the day they were made –our glass is scratch, stain, chemical, and thermal shock (heat) resistant. Many of our customers find that our “Hard Roc” glass becomes an integral component in their finished products.

For those who want to get their hands on our “Hard Roc” glass, we have made it as accessible as possible through our company’s four divisions: JSG Industrial Division (where our glass is available as lenses, refractors, and reflectors), JSG Private Label (the glass is available in the styles of blender jars, pedicure basins, and goblets), JSG Oceana Kitchen and Bath (where you can find glass bathroom sinks and get the only functional glass kitchen sink in the world!), and, finally, JSG Oceana Giftware and Tabletop (your dinnerware and serving pieces). It’s more than clear to us: Jeannette Specialty Glass and our premier products are the “roc” solid choice when it comes to choosing the right glass for your application.   

We would love to show you some examples of our work! Visit our websites today, at and, and don’t forget to come back next month for our next blog update!

JSG's Borosilicate Glass Used for Landmark Projects.

by JSG5. August 2012 13:59

Jeannette Specialty Glass is proud to have contributed to significant national and international projects where custom glass solutions from JSG were chosen to produce memorable, landmark results. 

Did you know that Jeannette Specialty Glass supplied custom glass lenses for the light fixtures of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas?  JSG has also designed custom glass bricks for the Ireland Park Monument in Toronto, Canada, and provided special glass reflectors for the light fixtures in Chicago's famous Rookery Building.  The list goes on, wherever demanding projects need durable, and shock resistant glass that is made to meet and exceed the most demanding standards in the industry today.

Learn more about borosilicate glass projects on our website.

JSG Oceana Featured in Remodeling TV Video.

by JSG2. August 2012 22:39

JSG Oceana’s Glass Kitchen Sinks were featured in this video and highlighted their “Hard Roc” glass qualities & durability.  See how their Scratch, Stain, & Thermal Shock Resistance is superior to other kitchen sinks on the market.  With more than 13 vibrant colorations to choose from, it’s easy to bring a splash of color to your kitchen.


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