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Made in the USA 
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Behind the Scenes: A Look at our Athena Award Winner

by JSG26. June 2013 09:58

Here's another congratulations to our CEO, Kathleen Sarniak, on her Athena Award achievement! For a closer look at Kathleen's professional life, here is a brief bio we presented:

Kathleen Sarniak has improved the quality of life of others in both her profession and volunteer efforts.  As acting CEO of Jeannette Specialty Glass Kathleen strongly believes in product diversification which has allowed the company to not only survive but grow in these economic times.  This has enabled increased employment concentrated in the local community.  Each employee is looked upon as a family member with respect and compassion working through family situations when needed.  She goes the extra mile to ensure that her employees not only take home a paycheck but goes above and beyond the expectations of a CEO and truly cares about the health and well-being of her employees.  Her executive leadership has trickled down to others within the company to encourage everyone to plan for the future not just today.  Our goal as a company is to continue to grow and to think outside the box so we grow no matter what the economy is experiencing.  Kathleen believes in internal training and promotes from within, encouraging a career mentality.  Jeannette Specialty Glass is a family owned business, one in which Kathleen makes everyone feel a member of.

Kathleen’s community participation is widespread.  Kathleen currently serves on the Westmorland Cultural Trust board of directors and is on the Power Link Advisory Board for Alpine Packaging.  She is a former board member of The Blackburn Center, an agency against domestic and sexual violence, a board member of Seton Hill University Alumni Association and the Farrell Center for Innovation in Business at Seton Hill University.  She is a member of Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), SMC Business Council, and Pittsburgh Tech Council and a previous member of the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way. Kathleen has served as a panelist for E-Magnify on such topics as “How to Build a Million Dollar Business” and “How to Grow Your Business in a Down Trending Economy”.  Kathleen also actively supports Westmoreland Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Ballet and the Westmoreland County Humane Society. She is a member of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral and has volunteered her time and talents with local charities to raise funds and awareness.

Interested in more information about all of the Athena Award winners? See the website and congratulate all of them!


When it Comes to the Manufacturing Industry, Women are Taking Over

by JSG7. June 2013 16:52

If you have read up on the state of manufacturing recently, it would come as no surprise that the growing involvement of women in manufacturing is certainly gaining attention. According to this article, some local companies are seeing an expansion of female workers in industry, and they expect the number to increase in the next few years. As a woman-owned company, we have certainly seen this trend grow, especially in our region, and we are excited to see recognition for these women who are moving up in the ranks of manufacturing and business.

Our own CEO, Kathleen Sarniak, was recently honored as one of the top women in business in the Pittsburgh region, known as Business Women First held by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Being recognized for her leadership and dedication to business in the region, Kathleen has shown great foresight with our company, helping to develop the business and diversify the product line over the years. This is in addition to her being awarded the Athena Award earlier in the year. For Jeannette Specialty Glass, it is great to be a part of a woman-led company that is leading the industry and growing trend of women in manufacturing by example. For other women looking to break into manufacturing and industry, we hope that our success proves to be an advocate for them in learning different trades and expanding in the workforce.

As this article shows, the number of women in industry can still be higher than it currently is—the ratio of men to women in STEM industries is still disproportionate. Although young girls and women are excelling in STEM subjects, they aren’t all necessarily choosing a STEM industry for a career. Knowing firsthand the development and success these women can find in manufacturing, we hope to see the number continue to grow in the near future—and we hope women can take our business as an example and mentor for theirs!


JSG: A Member of the Green Movement

by JSG30. April 2013 16:08

Go green! A popular mantra recently, being “green” or sustainable has become increasingly important throughout industry. As we just passed Earth Day, we are seeing sustainable options stressed more and more. Here at JSG, we want to take part in this movement, ensuring that all of our materials and products meet proper environmentally-friendly standards.

How green is our “Hard Roc” glass? Here’s a quick look at the main earth-friendly points of our business:

  • Recyclable materials: Our borosilicate glass is comprised of recycled materials and is, in turn, recyclable itself. In fact, most of our kitchen and bath sinks, as well as glass tiles, are manufactured from recycled glass.
  • Landfill safe: Since the glass is non-porous, it is hygienic and safe for the environment. Additionally, the colorations and compositions of the glass are not hazardous materials. Therefore, if we produce glass that doesn’t meet our quality standards, we can easily crush it down and recycle it for new products.
  • Lead-free: While other materials are made with chemicals or paints, our glass is clear of these extra hazards, including lead.

A main goal of our company is to ensure our manufacturing is environmentally-safe, not only for our sake, but for our customers who want to remain green as well. It is important to us to meet and exceed various industry standards and manufacture products that are eco-friendly. How will you be celebrating the green movement? 

We have been awarded the Athena Award!

by JSG10. April 2013 12:38

Jeannette Specialty Glass is very pleased to announce that our very own, Kathleen Sarniak, CEO has been presented with the Athena Award by the Seton Hill University’s E-Magnify women’s business center.  This award is presented to a woman who devotes time and energy to improve quality of life for others, mentors other women to reach full leadership potential, and demonstrates excellence, creativity and initiative in business or profession.

We encourage you to join us in congratulating and celebrating with Kathleen on this prestigious recognition.  Please visit to attend this local event!


Reasons why Glass Should be your Go-to Material

by JSG3. April 2013 09:38

Glass, plastic, metal, or porcelain? For many, deciding what material to use when looking for a specific product or part can be a difficult decision. You need to determine what material best fits your needs and the end use of your application, while maintaining durability and stability. As borosilicate glass manufacturers, we encourage our customers to choose our “Hard Roc” glass for its range of characteristics. We want to use our experience to answer your question: Why use glass?

In our experience, our “Hard Roc” glass is often paired against soda lime glass, stainless steel, copper, porcelain, or plastics, depending, of course, on our customer’s final application. Although the characteristics of borosilicate glass remain the same despite the application, let’s break it down one by one.

Borosilicate glass vs. soda lime glass: First, which type of glass is best? As we mentioned in a previous blog post, borosilicate glass offers a stronger and more durable option than soda lime. Why? Borosilicate glass is IAPMO certified, and thermal shock (heat), scratch, impact, and stain resistant. Soda lime, on the other hand, does not possess these qualities, limiting its use. Worried about the appearance of the glass? With borosilicate glass, your products can be manufactured in a range of colorations and thicknesses. Soda lime glass, though, can lose its coloring, develop hard water stains or spotting, and crack if placed in high temperatures or invasive environments.

Borosilicate glass vs. stainless steel or copper: Glass often comes up against stainless steel or copper when in conversation about kitchen sinks. Stainless steel and copper are prone to scratching while borosilicate glass is strong enough to withstand cracks, while still allowing for a beautiful finish.

Borosilicate glass vs. porcelain: Porcelain is a popular material choice when it comes to bathroom sinks. A downside of using porcelain, though, is its tendency to stain. Borosilicate, however, meets a variety of testing requirements and is proven to be stain and chemical resistant, especially when it pertains to dyes.

Borosilicate glass vs. plastic: Mostly, we see this comparison in our industrial lighting division. While plastic can degrade and yellow over time, as well as prove to be more costly long term, our borosilicate glass provides a crystal clear color with a “going green” option and will last for a longer period of time, as it won’t weather down.

Although your end use of a product will certainly determine what material should be used in the manufacturing process, we have seen a great amount of success with glass – especially our borosilicate glass – in a variety of applications. Glass: 1, Other materials: 0. 

Looking Forward with JSG!

by JSG28. February 2013 11:58

Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Major retail accounts. 10 year anniversary. OEM kitchen supply line. What do all of these have in common with one another? They are all going to be connected to Jeannette Specialty Glass in 2013!

As the new year gets underway, we are looking forward to new projects ahead, as well as continuing to build on the success of our Manufacturer of the Year award. What do we have planned? First, we are excited to announce our partnership with Bed, Bath, & Beyond! Bed, Bath, & Beyond will be showcasing our glass tabletop and sink products on their website, a project we have been working hard on for the past two years! We have also been working with many large retail accounts to offer our specialty glass kitchen and bathroom sinks and tabletop products throughout stores nationwide. As we work hard on this endeavor, we are also planning on expanding internationally. Specifically, we are working closely with an Australian company and looking further into the Canadian and European markets for our kitchen and bath products.

That’s not all we have scheduled for this new year. In the celebration of our kitchen and bath division’s tenth anniversary, we are revamping this division by introducing a new vanity furniture piece in addition to the development of a private label OEM kitchen supply line. Are you looking for something slightly different than what we currently offer? We have made it a resolution to work on new projects and pieces for new and existing customers alike!

What better way to kick off the year than with a slew of new and interesting projects? As the year progresses, we hope to cut costs for our customers, help increase productivity in manufacturing, offer more green options, and become an even stronger company and manufacturer!


Wish our CEO luck!

by JSG13. February 2013 09:36

Pittsburgh Business Times’ announces the winners of their 2013 “Women in Business” awards, with Kathleen Sarniak, CEO of Jeannette Specialty Glass, joining that list.  Kathleen’s passion and drive has led her company to its success in a downtrend economy.  Her creative edge and product diversification allowed Jeannette Specialty Glass to thrive and compete with new glass products for all industries.   The list consists of the regions most prominent Women Business Owners and CEO’s from all industries.  They are leaders, mentors, and inspirations to their local community and business colleagues.  These women assist in small business growth and serving on boards or help in running nonprofits.  Winners were carefully selected from a pool of nominees by a group of judges.  The award ceremony will take place on March 14th at the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh.


JSG is Manufacturer of the Year!

by JSG8. January 2013 15:14

The Pittsburgh Business Times’ Manufacturer of the Year is…..Jeannette Specialty Glass!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we were presented with Pittsburgh Business Times’ Manufacturer of the Year for the category of 50-99 employees for 2012. This recognition marks our continued success as an American manufacturer. It has been a wonderful opportunity for us not only to be recognized as a local business and a top performer in the region, but also to be honored for our USA and Pittsburgh pride. We are proud to be “Made in the USA” and to represent small businesses throughout the Pennsylvania region. 

At the event, we were able to display a sampling of our products, which enabled other companies to have a better understanding of the wide range of products and services we offer. Not only that, but all of the winners were able to have their own video describing their market segments and what has enabled us to survive as an American manufacturer. It was great for us to bring many members of our staff to the event, including some of our engineers and manufacturers—the true winners, for they are making our high quality products!

This honor has proven to be a great opportunity for us in many ways. Not only have our products received great exposure to our existing and new customers, but the award has also given us great hope for the future as an American manufacturer. We thank all those who have worked with us and enabled us to be named Manufacturer of the Year and we hope to continue this success into the new year!


Proud to be an American Manufacturer

by JSG21. December 2012 15:44

Pride: A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of one’s close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.[1]

Here at Jeannette Specialty Glass, we are proud to be an American manufacturer and we are proud of the quality work we produce for our customers on a consistent basis. Having won Pittsburgh Business Time’s Manufacturer of the Year, which highlights the advancements made by local manufacturers, we certainly understand the importance of quality manufacturing, especially on a domestic level. That got us thinking…what are the biggest advantages of choosing a US manufacturer like us?

Stocking programs: We have a 60,000 square ft. warehouse facility, which lends to our ability of housing customer inventory for three to six months. Since we can forecast sales for three to six months, stocking the inventory allows us to offer turnarounds in 24-48 hours. Do you often have fluctuating forecasts? We are available to make adjustments as needed, as well as provide rush orders when needed. Along with our custom stocking programs, we offer extended order release and payment terms to our customers, providing unlimited options.

Blanket orders: Similar to the stocking programs are our blanket order capabilities. Did you place an order for 500 pieces, but only need 100 per month? No problem—we can roll out those 100 pieces every month and stock the rest. Some examples of these stocked pieces include lenses, glass lighting pieces, spa basins, and our private label products.

Quality: All of our products are proudly “Made in the USA.” Additionally, our quality control team is readily available to make adjustments and modifications to your products as you see fit.

New product design: We will work with you from day one in order to create the best product at the best price. The technologies we utilize are more advanced than others, promising quality from the beginning.

This begs the question….why not choose an American manufacturer? 



[1] Pride definition provided by the Oxford Dictionaries.

JSG: Nominee for Manufacturer of the Year

by JSG30. November 2012 14:37

Have you heard our exciting news? We are thrilled to announce we have been nominated as a Manufacturer of the Year, hosted by Pennsylvania’s own Pittsburgh Business Times!

The contest, which aims to raise the visibility and stature of manufacturing in our region, decides a winner in each of six different categories this upcoming December. We are nominated, along with two other companies, in the Category of 50-99 Employees. The Pittsburgh Business Times has stocked a panel of judges who will ultimately select the winner in each category. Recently, we had the chance to meet with the panel of judges and the other manufacturers in order to discuss Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana.

What qualities about our company did we highlight for this panel? Essentially, we emphasized what makes our company special and unique. To start, we mentioned how we are a family-owned company who is proud to be “Made in the U.S.A.”—in fact, every aspect of the manufacturing process is done right here in our facility in Jeannette, PA. Many factors that have gained our nomination include our stocking abilities, the high quality of our products, diversification of our company, and rapid expansion of our company over the years. We also stressed another important factor: we are the last-standing borosilicate glass manufacturer in the area! Not to mention, we manufacture our unique “Hard Roc” borosilicate glass.

Are you interested in learning first-hand about the qualities that have made us a nominee for Manufacturer of the Year? Contact us with any requirements—we are always up for a challenge! Existing customers? Help honor us and wish us luck—they announce the winner December 6th! 


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