Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer of Lenses, Reflectors, Refractors

Did You Know?

by Administrator28. March 2018 13:47

Jeannette, PA was termed the “Glass City” as once a flourishing city with 7 different glass manufacturing facilities.  Today Jeannette Specialty Glass is the last glass manufacturer in this great town. With the onset of industrial lighting production being transferred overseas, JSG diversified and brought on new product categories. 

JSG is comprised of three divisions of borosilicate glass products: JSG Industrial Division (lenses, refractors, and explosion-proof globes), JSG Private Label (pedicure basins, bakeware and custom projects) and JSG Oceana Kitchen and Bath (glass bathroom sinks, glass kitchen/bar sinks, glass tile, bathroom furniture and drain accessories).

JSG products not only hold a local presence, but internationally as well.  Check out of site to see our full offering of specialty glass products: /

According to Glass Magazine, Women in Construction Week Helps Women Break Glass Ceilings, Build Careers

by Administrator16. March 2018 13:41

According to Glass Magazine, the National Association of Women in Construction recently marked Women in Construction Week earlier this month to raise awareness among women regarding employment opportunities in the industry, while also giving back to their local communities. 

More and more women are getting involved in male dominated industries, such as construction and manufacturing. Jeannette Specialty Glass, a woman owned manufacturer, proudly supports and encourages women of all ages to consider these fields, as the opportunities are endless.

What's so cool about manufacturing? Well...lots!

by Administrator2. March 2018 09:18

Catalyst Connection out of Pittsburgh recently hosted an event at Heinz Field to celebrate their "What's So Cool About Manufacturing" video contest and winners! Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana representatives were in attendance to take part in the celebration! 

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