Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
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Celebrating Being a Part of Made in America

by JSG28. August 2013 18:33

Take a look around you—have you ever wondered what processes, materials, and choices went in to manufacturing a particular product you now own? Or, better yet, where that product was manufactured and if it is indeed “Made in the USA”?

This is precisely the scenario National Manufacturing Day – this year on October 4th—looks to answer with its promotion of manufacturing here in the United States. As businesses are beginning to bring manufacturing back to America and local communities are trying to attract more business in its areas, many manufacturers across the country will be participating in bringing focus back on manufacturing. Some will open their facilities and show off their plants, and others will spread the word and showcase how and why American manufacturing is back and necessary.

As American manufacturers ourselves, we certainly know the benefits of American-made products, including the high quality, short lead times, customer service, and pride. There is an ease to working with other U.S. manufacturers, for not only is it beneficial to the economy, but it allows for easier communication and more open access throughout the production process. Our customers can certainly understand that firsthand; we have developed a new design and development process in order to monitor the needs from a customer or a demand in the industry. Our manufacturers and engineers are able to work directly with the customers to create the best product quality-wise with the best yield on their site. The customers are a part of the production process from the conception of the product all the way to completion. It’s a service we are happy to provide to our customers, and the manufacturing assistance we have received from our community has allowed us to create new products and product design. So, on this Manufacturing Day, it will be no surprise that we’ll be celebrating—we hope you do too!

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