Made in the USA
Made in the USA 
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JSG is Manufacturer of the Year!

by JSG8. January 2013 15:14

The Pittsburgh Business Times’ Manufacturer of the Year is…..Jeannette Specialty Glass!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we were presented with Pittsburgh Business Times’ Manufacturer of the Year for the category of 50-99 employees for 2012. This recognition marks our continued success as an American manufacturer. It has been a wonderful opportunity for us not only to be recognized as a local business and a top performer in the region, but also to be honored for our USA and Pittsburgh pride. We are proud to be “Made in the USA” and to represent small businesses throughout the Pennsylvania region. 

At the event, we were able to display a sampling of our products, which enabled other companies to have a better understanding of the wide range of products and services we offer. Not only that, but all of the winners were able to have their own video describing their market segments and what has enabled us to survive as an American manufacturer. It was great for us to bring many members of our staff to the event, including some of our engineers and manufacturers—the true winners, for they are making our high quality products!

This honor has proven to be a great opportunity for us in many ways. Not only have our products received great exposure to our existing and new customers, but the award has also given us great hope for the future as an American manufacturer. We thank all those who have worked with us and enabled us to be named Manufacturer of the Year and we hope to continue this success into the new year!


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